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Success Stories

About the BWC
"We just wanted to thank you for working with us on our daughter's evaluation and treatment. Your kindness and flexibility made the whole process very easy on our family."  
~ Eric & Trish M.
"It was so great to learn from you about ADHD and balance! I really appreciate your care and concern for me."  
~ Kelly
"Everyone was most impressed by the scope of services provided."
~ Dolores W.
"Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!"   
~ Alexia K. M.
"I was pleased to get ADD information that was not based on hyperactive behavior but rather what goes on with the cognitive process."
"Excellent information. Excellent sense of timing and great use of humor in dealing with this powerful and sensitive subject."
"Dr. Liden puts you at ease right away."
"Meeting and hearing you, and reading your book, has been quite timely for me, has reinforced my actions, and has strengthened me and my ability to better embrace all the "Stuff" that is going on to help my son."  
~ Catharine C.
"Your program have given us hope and the realization that even though our son is an ADD child, through counseling he will be able to mature into a responsible adult. Without this program, our family and our son would not have survived."  
~The Kinny Family
"You and your team were so helpful in determining what the problems were. Our daughter is exceeding all of expectations!!! She is on Dean's list at college and is applying to graduate schools!!! As a mother, thank you for helping my daughter be all she can be."
~ Noreen Y.
"Once we got a complete understanding of ADD and our children's problems, we were able to deal with it from a totally different perspective. We feel the multidisciplinary approach, including medical, psychological and educational aspects are very important in trying to give our children some hope of having a relatively normal life ahead of them."
~ Frank C.
"When we brought our son (in eleventh grade) to you, he had failed four courses, was discouraged, overweight, listless, short-tempered, and obviously facing a dim future. At his graduation a year later, his progress, due purely to your efforts, was so remarkable that he received awards for most improved grade-wise, the Presidential Silver Fitness Award, and an award and full scholarship from Saint Vincent College. "The turnaround has been absolutely miraculous and you marvelous people at [The Being Well Center] deserve full credit."
~ The Holstead Family
"Fortunately, we were blessed with the suggestion from our school guidance counselor to meet Dr. Liden at [The Being Well Center] in Pittsburgh, where we went through what is the most thorough program we have ever experienced.  Now we know we are on the right course of properly addressing our child's life-long disorder."
  ~ The Canfield Family
"Dr. Liden, you are my #1 courageous pioneer. Thank you."
  ~ Jeanne M.
"Thank you for your wisdom in dealing with my family. You have turned me in a different direction--a good direction. My husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary and many more, because of you. How can I thank you enough?"
  ~ Patti M.
"Observing the team members present the individual case background information and interact reminds us that collaboration and cooperation are effective and efficient ways to gather, share and interpret data, and usually result in benefits to the client and the evaluator. We have a renewed appreciation for the breadth and depth of the evaluation process and the mission of [The Being Well Center]"
~ Paula A. C. & Staff
"Mere words cannot express my appreciation for the information you provided on ADD and substance-alcohol abuse."
~ Jane
"After all these years of continued frustrations, it is so good to finally know that there is a reason for all of the madness. It is also quite reassuring to personally know I am not crazy or insane, and that in itself makes it worthwhile."
~ Thom G.
"I don't think we would still be together as a family without all the help we have received from you and the others from [The Being Well Center]."
~ Rick, Nancy, Michael & Erin
"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your team and observing the evaluation process. It is exciting to find a program that addresses multiple needs of children and families with learning disabilities."
~ Caroline L.
"I am thankful you always believed that my son could accomplish all the things that he has. While there were times I didn't always agree with you, I always respected you for it. Through it all, you kept things on an even keel. I can see big difference in not only my son, but in my own handling of him. All this is to say that we as a family have been fortunate to have been directed to [The Being Well Center]."
  ~ Becky
"She graduated Magna Cum Laude--one of the happiest days of her life and mine. She gives you a lot of the credit for her now being well."
~ Karen L.

Workshops & Presentations
"You have a polished presentation and I know that your services are invaluable to readers."
  ~ Susan S.
"Dr. Liden presented a terrific session on Health and ADD at the conference."
  ~ Janet E. G.
"Thank you for taking time to speaking to some the doctors in my territory. You always do a great job and your knowledge is second to none!!"
~ Lauren E. H.
"Thank you so much for speaking at our ADD/ADHD parent group. We got a great response from the parents and felt we learned a lot as well."
~ Eileen & Jodie
"What a great learning experience you created for us here. We all learned and were fascinated."
~ Ann P.
"Our staff thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and learning more about Attention Deficit Disorder. We will be referring students to you."
~ Abby G.
"Listening to your lecture was such a pleasure. It is so exciting to hear it all and know that this is the answer I had been seeking all those years for my children."
~ Mary A. M.
"What a wonderful evening we had as you unfolded a mystery for all of us. For years we have cared for 'your kid'" often stumbling along trying to understand them and what we could do to make their journey's easier. You made it very clear to us. I feel very confident now in dealing with ADD, kids and parents."
~ Jean F.
"Our conference ended on a positive and enlightening note. You were great and the feedback was excellent!"
~ Libby R.
"The doctors we visited really appreciated the information you shared and your insight and passion for treating your patients. We all learned a lot!"
~ Lori A. S.
"Thank you for coming to speak at the Kerr PTA members and community. Your presentation was very informative and helpful. Now we are all more sensitive to why children behave as they do ... and why we as parents react the way we do."
  ~ Bobby E.
"You appealed to us as parents and teachers, and your information and insights were most helpful. I heard so many nice comments."
~ Carolyn P.
"Thank you for presenting at our conference. Members gain professionally from your workshop, and, as you could tell, appreciated the personal way in which you related to them."
~ Jan H.
"Thanks so much for maintaining my credibility in our school district! Everyone really enjoyed you and your presentation. One woman told me she wanted you as her daughter's pediatrician."
~ Mary A.
"I just wanted to personally extend my thanks to you for a most informative session on 'Child Development in its Many Aspects.' The practicality of your talk and the mention of so many personal and professional experiences truly highlighted that which you offered."
~ Sister M.
"Everyone who attended raved about how informative your lecture was, and several people have called requesting (more of) the literature you passed out."
~ Kania G.
"I just wanted to thank you so much for joining me on the talk show and for sharing your knowledge with our community. Keep up the great work!"
~ Kathleen V. H.
"Outstanding! The best of the entire conference ... It could have gone on and on!"
"This is the one session that merits 2 hours. Excellent!"
"The time and energy that you put forth into Attention Deficit Disorder is greatly appreciated. I am confident that you have helped more people understand."
  ~ Darby H.
"Your presentation enabled all those present to have a clearer understanding of the disorder and gave us much-needed direction on the beginning steps necessary to take to help those afflicted."
~ The Minadeo PTO
"Your keynote delivery at our annual Early Childhood conference brought tears and laughter to those of us fortunate to be present. You are a man who has depth and sensitivity that few people possess. How refreshing!"
~ Beth H.
"Your presentation was excellent. We really liked how you approached the topic and geared it to the audience. I heard a lot of favorable comments."
~ Gloria A. M.
"Our sincere thanks to you on behalf of the PTA for your extremely informative, dynamic talk. We all left with a better understanding of what makes us all who we are and some guidelines in helping our children."
~ Nancy R.
"Everyone left the room with something positive to say about you. Your energy level is to be admired!"
~ Margie S.
"Your presentation to our Adult Forum was excellent! I'm certain the questions could have gone on for another hour. I would like to schedule another opportunity with you."
~ James H. R.
"Your presentation was extremely well received by the delegates, who rated it at the highest level on evaluations."
~ Tomi W. B.
"The excellence of the information you presented was only surpassed by your warmth and compassion. You really did an incredible job. As you can see by the program evaluations, your presentation was well received."
~ Jaye K. M.
"You offered South-Western Pennsylvania's educators a wealth of insight for working with today's adolescents. The enclosed comments really say it all: you were 'excellent' and 'easy to listen to.'"
~ Brenda L. G.
"We were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended."
~ Rae E. F.
"Evaluations indicated that both your keynote and workshop were excellent, scoring at the highest level."
~ Barbara K. H.
"Your presentation for our 'Children at Risk' workshop met our expectations in every way. Your presentation has sparked conversations regarding the need for assessments that we hoped it would."
~ Louanne D.
"88 different offerings were available to instructional staff and parents and your presentation on ADD was the most requested session. Your presentation contributed greatly to the success of the program and the effectiveness for years to come."
~ Carlotta C.
"Thank you very much for your presentation and your book. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and am excited about learning all that I can about ADD as I'm finding a number of children exhibit signs of ADD."
~ Vanetta H. P.
"The comments from the Regional Members have been extremely positive and these, I am sure, are directly related to the professional, informative, and entertaining manner in which the sessions were presented."
~ Robert S.
"Your presentation 'Recognizing, Assessing, and Managing Individual Differences' was very well received."
~ John M. Y.
"Your talk was both thought-provoking and enlightening. Our staff is still talking about it!"
~ Marie R. W.
"From the reports, you made a lasting impression and an important contribution to the growth of California University and our area teachers and administrators. Obviously, we carefully chose your participation and were rewarded in many ways."
~ Dr. Jamie M.
~ Mr. Elwin D.
"The program was excellent and enthusiastically received by the participants. Thank you!"
~ Cathy P.
"You addressed some very misunderstood topics in a very clear, understandable way."
~ Lyn H.
"Your participation was a prime factor in the positive feedback that we have received at the conference"
~ Jan A.
"Your professional expertise contributed greatly to the success of the conference, which was attended by more than one thousand two hundred child care professionals."
~ Carla F.
"I have heard your presentation three times over the past 5 years. I always leave with new information and food for thought. You share wonderful information in clear terms."
"On behalf of the Division of Special Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the International Conference on Research and Practice in Attention Deficit Disorders in Jerusalem, Israel."
  ~ Tom G.
  ~ Rivaka A., B'Yahad
"Your willingness to share your talents and expertise with WEAC members helped to make the program one that has received extremely positive comments."
~ Ken K.
"Many parents expressed how pleased they were with the presentation."
~ Denise H.

BWC Publications
"Your book is most informative and has helped us tremendously in understanding ADD.
~ Leo & Cindy L.
"Your book, PAY ATTENTION, is my main reference source and I recommend it highly to anyone who I feel would benefit from its wisdom, as I did."
~ Bonnie W.
"I got a terrific book by Craig B. Liden; it's written in Q&A style with a number of 'example cases' mixed in. I plan on using it at school with my parents."
~ Janet E.G.
"I truly found the book easy to read, well presented and quite fascinating"
~ Nancy M.
"Thank you so much for the book, Pay Attention. It's great! I especially like the format. And the information is so accurate and straightforward."
~ Nancy B.
"Having now read Pay Attention, I feel that I have a source that I can recommend with confidence to parents who are looking for help with their children."
~ Beryl R. J.
"I have read many books on ADD. Your book discussed many issues with quite a sensitive, matter of fact, confident presentation. I feel that teachers and parents would see the ADD child through different eyes if they read your perspective."
~ Margi S.
"I have already bought several copies of PAY ATTENTION!!! for school staff members, parents, administrators and, of course, my daughter Kathleen, who has used the book religiously to help her son, and now her daughter."
~ Jean R.
"I really enjoyed your book and feel it is a significant contribution to the field. In fact, our pediatrician and nursery school teacher are both ordering copies."
~ Nancy

Kudos From Our Patients

Your book, PAY ATTENTION!, is my main reference source and I recommend it highly to anyone who I feel would benefit from its wisdom, as I did.

Yours sincerely, View All
~ Bonnie W.