30 years, 11,000 patients. We know ADHD!

The Being Well Center offers an accurate diagnosis with a team you trust. We address attention issues at all ages and life stages. Our expertise lies in systematically testing medication therapy for optimal symptom control.

For over 30 years, The Being Well Center under the direction of Dr. Craig B. Liden has helped more than 11,000 individuals living with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and Attentional Weakness, Temperamental Dysregulation, and Executive Dysfunction Syndrome (A.T.E.).

I am not sure how our family would have survived without the treatment plan and care we have received through The Being Well Center over the past eight years. People think we are crazy for driving there from Indiana; it's worth every mile and minute and then some! Dr Liden and staff are professional, accommodating, and most of all knowledgeable! I can't possibly recommend them highly enough.

k. austin

What We Do

We are a medically-based practice in Pittsburgh, PA specializing in evaluating and treating children and adults struggling with challenges of daily living.

We improve performance in life spheres including academic/job performance, social interaction, behavior control, independent functioning, and health maintenance.

We serve people across the lifespan from toddlers through adulthood. Our commitment is to improve the quality of life for our patients by addressing the needs of the whole person.

We work closely together patients, families, and significant others to develop treatment plans that address each patient's unique profile.

Our diagnostic and treatment services are directed by Craig B. Liden, MD, a nationally recognized leader in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD and A.T.E. Syndrome.

Accurate Assessment

The BWC's Explore Your Core program includes a questionnaire, probing interview, and FACES™ Attention Test to determine the accuracy of your current diagnosis and the effectiveness of your current treatment plan. 

Precision Medication

When indicated, we advocate carefully monitored medication as part of a comprehensive, multi-modal treatment plan. At the Being Well Center medication treatment is carefully titrated and systematically tracked using Dr. Liden’s proprietary objective digital assessment, the FACES Attention Test.

Transdisciplinary Care

The Being Well Center builds ongoing relationships between our patients and our team of trans-disciplinary experts. Your life, needs, and goals matter to us. We invest time getting to know the whole you and then tailor a success plan to your unique needs and life circumstances.

What Our Patients Say

Kinney Family

Your program has given us hope and the realization that even though our son is a child with ADD, through counseling he will be able to mature into a responsible adult. Without this program, our family and our son would not have survived.

Noreen Y.

You and your team were so helpful in determining what the problems were. Our daughter is exceeding all of expectations!!! She is on Dean's list at college and is applying to graduate schools!!! As a mother, thank you for helping my daughter be all she can be.

Frank C.

Once we got a complete understanding of ADD and our children's problems, we were able to deal with it from a totally different perspective. We feel the multidisciplinary approach, including medical, psychological and educational aspects are very important in trying to give our children some hope of having a relatively normal life ahead of them.

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