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ADD/ADHD and A.T.E. Syndrome (Attentional Weaknesses, Temperamental Dysregulations, and Executive Dysfunctions) affect life in almost every imaginable way –touching our confidence, our relationships, our performance, our health, and our future. The Being Well Center's Phases to Success and proprietary FACES™ Attention Test equip individuals and families with the tools, resources, and knowledge to thrive with ADD and A.T.E. We offer specialized programs to address challenging life stages like college success and weight management.

Explore Your Core

Maybe you have an ADHD diagnosis and treatment plan…but is it working for you?  The BWC’s Explore Your Core answers your questions.  It begins with a comprehensive questionnaire that surveys your chief concerns and probes The Whole You.  Our systematic appointment includes a probing interview, the FACES Attention Test and a wrap-up consultation to determine the accuracy of your diagnosis and the effectiveness of your current treatment plan.  

Our streamlined process is an affordable option at just $349!


A probing interview with a BWC Team Expert using our comprehensive questionnaires.


The FACES™ Attention Test is the only digital, objective assessment for attentional weaknesses.


A wrap-up meeting with a preliminary diagnosis: a BWC Clinical Team Member gives direction for your next phase in treatment success.

Being Well Center

Phases to Success

The Being Well Center has created a Three Phase Program to equip individuals and families with the tools, resources, and knowledge to thrive with ADD/ADHD and A.T.E. Syndrome (Attentional Weaknesses, Temperamental Dysregulations, and Executive Dysfunctions).


PHASE 1: Explore Your Core

Explore Your Core of Attentional Weaknesses, Temperamental Dysregulations, and Executive Dysfunctions with a brief visit including a questionnaire, FACES™ Attention Test, and wrap-up interview to determine the effectiveness of your current diagnosis and medication.


PHASE 2: Integrate the Whole You

Integrate The Whole You investigates possible co-morbidities to complete your unique profile, which may include probes for your social-emotional profile, academic profile, a neurodevelopmental exam, speech-language evaluation, and/or a physical exam.


PHASE 3: Focus on Being Well

Focus on Being Well with medication trials and management supported by on-going counseling.

Medication Treatment

The Being Well Center establishes successful medication regimens for more than 90% of our patients. Proper medication allows our patients to take advantage of counseling, tutoring, and other interventions to experience greater success in their lives! Our systematic protocols avoid risks of over-medicating or under-medicating.

The features of our medication protocol include:

  • Only use medication when the patient is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or A.T.E. Syndrome after a thorough evaluation.
  • Structured trial testing on the medication is completed before using it on a daily basis.
  • Medication titration results in an individually optimized medication regimen.
  • The goal should be to provide patients with efficient attention throughout the waking day, every day of the year.
  • Patients taking medication are required to participate in regular counseling sessions. Medication is never the sole treatment.
  • Patients and their families participate in quarterly review visits to monitor the effectiveness of the medication.

Objective Test

The Being Well Center's FACES™ Attention Test is the first objective test for attention. The digital assessment tracks responses to visual problem-solving tasks to identify Attentional Weaknesses, Temperamental Dysregulations, and Executive Dysfunctions.

Medication Focus

Most people with ADD/ADHD experiencing problems need medication treatment. Medication enables people to take advantage of therapeutic intervention strategies. Think of medication like eyeglasses helping restore optimal sight!

Repeat Testing

The Being Well Center performs repeated FACES™ Attention Tests at regular intervals to ensure individually optimized medication levels remain in place for each individual for the full day.

Lifetime Support

Long-term use of medication appears to be very safe when it is prescribed after an accurate diagnosis, taken consistently, and monitored regularly.  Untreated ADD/ADHD and A.T.E. Syndrome presents a much greater risk than medication over the long haul!

Life Stage Services:
Attention Across the Lifespan

The Being Well Center believes that human development, behavior, and health are transactional...a result of interactions between the intrinsic characteristics of the individual and the unique events and circumstances of his/her life. These factors are unique for each person.  The Being Well Center offers customized programs to life-stages and problems.

College Success: Confidence@College

Struggling students and frustrated parents come to The Being Well Center for our Confidence@College program. C@C addresses the whole person, not just the failing grade or missed expectation. C@C matches students with a BWC Guide, an expert in counseling, medication, education or social performance, who listens carefully to the student's whole story. BWC Guides work with students in-person and continue the relationship on campus virtually.

Weight Management: TRANSformingU

25% of obese individuals have ADD/ADHD. 40% of morbidly obese individuals have ADD/ADHD. Simple "one size fits all" diet plans and exercises don't work for most people. 

The Being Well Center recommends screening all overweight/obese patients to determine if they are at risk for ADD/ADHD. Our TRANSformingU multi-disciplinary team discovers all the factors that interfere with establishing and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We provide ongoing support through innovative tracking, reminding, and motivational tools. 

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