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Accommodations for Success: Creating 504 Agreements and IEPs for Children with ADD/ADHD
Your ADD child is unique! Accommodations for Success is an amazing tool to help you bring out your child’s best in all parts of his life! For parents of a child who needs a school plan, Accommodations for Success helps you develop a 504 or IEP plan tailored to your child’s unique needs. For parents whose child does not need a school plan, AFS helps you to put words to your understanding of all parts of your child…this will help you to promote her success in all she does! The combination of Guide and Workbook provides a comprehensive analysis of the whole child: all parts of him…his ADD, his other differences, as well as his strengths. AFS systematically leads you through assessing your child and defining a plan that meets his unique needs at school. AFS helps you become a powerful advocate for your child throughout his school career. Gain confidence that your child is on the path to success! Your child will be more self-confident. You can let go and feel less stressed
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Pay Attention!: Answers to common questions about the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD
Pay Attention! presents a positive and effective approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and understanding of ADD/ADHD. Dr. Liden shares his wealth of practical knowledge about ADD/ADHD and explains how it affects individuals differently depending on their unique individual differences. It is an easy-to-read and navigate comprehensive guide for parents, patients, and professionals. It includes many personal, engaging stories of real individuals who have struggled with ADD/ADHD and have been able to achieve success in all parts of their lives.

Dose Up! Bring Out the Best with ADHD Medication
Using stimulant medications to treat ADD/ADHD often provokes worry and fear in most patients and many professionals. As a result, many patients with legitimate concerns go undiagnosed, untreated, or are treated with sub-therapeutic dosage regimens. Dr. Liden has developed a particular expertise in the use of medication to treat ADD/ADHD by creating systematic, evidence-based protocols, consistently applying them to patients, and continuously assessing their efficacy and cost effectiveness. Dr. Liden shares his systematic treatment protocol, including a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment, objective medication trial testing, and ongoing supportive counseling. Through such careful measures, Dr. Liden reveals how he has helped ADD/ADHD patients function effectively in all life spheres.

ADD Basics 101: How To Be A Good Consumer of ADD/ADHD Diagnostic and Treatment Services for ADD/ADHD
Think ADD/ADHD might be a problem for you or someone you know? Take a step now! Basics 101 answers questions like “What is ADD/ADHD?” “How do I find the right care provider?” “What steps should be undertaken for an accurate diagnosis?” and “What constitutes the correct treatment of ADD/ADHD?”. With the raft of misdirection and misinformation circulating about ADD/ADHD, we’re excited to capture Dr. Liden’s 30 years of expertise in this Guide that will help so many families and individuals ensure effective, lifelong treatment for ADD/ADHD.

Kudos From Our Patients

I have read many books on ADD. Your book discussed many issues with quite a sensitive, matter of fact, confident presentation. I feel that teachers and parents would see the ADD child through different eyes if they read your perspective.

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~ Margi S.