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The Whole You

We're not your typical doctor's office. We're not watching the clock to push you out the door after 15 minutes. We're not scribbling a prescription after hearing the first symptom. In fact, we're quite the opposite of a typical doctor's office.
At The Being Well Center, we get to know you personally. And we're not talking just symptoms. We get to know and care about your personality, environment, successes, and challenges. Our transdisciplinary team of experts (doctors, nurses, PAs, counselors, speech therapists, and dietitians) reflects our commitment to the Whole You. As a result of our personal dedication, we build long-term relationships with our patients and are never happier than when we see them navigate life changes and stages with determination, decisiveness, and customized success strategies.
When treating ADD/ADHD, it is imperative that we acknowledge that learning and behavioral problems are never a result of only one thing. They are always the result of multiple factors interacting together. Some of the factors are intrinsic to the individual (e.g. temperament, attentional abilities, health status, etc.) and some are environmental (e.g. classroom or workplace distractions, home stress events, attitudes from family members or co-workers, etc.)
The secret of our patients' success lies in our understanding of the Whole You. In the Being Well Program, we use the word "TRANSACT" as an acronym to help us remember and be disciplined to examine all the factors that comprise the whole of an individual; each letter of the word "TRANSACT" represents one of the intrinsic or environmental factors that transact together to influence our development, learning, and behavior.
To be successful in crafting a treatment plan for ADD/ADHD, we need to know the Whole You: your intrinsic characteristics and abilities and the events and circumstances in your life. That's a depth of knowledge and level of care that makes us stand far apart from the typical doctor's office visit.Contact us so we can get to know the Whole You.
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Kudos From Our Patients

You program have given us hope and the realization that even though our son is an ADD child, through counseling he will be able to mature into a responsible adult. Without this program, our family and our son would not have survived.

Yours sincerely, View All
~ The Kinny Family