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Our Philosophy

The BWC's reputation of providing world-class care to ADD/ADHD patients and families since the 1970's is built upon a strong foundation of guiding principles.  BWC believes that:
  • Problems are never the result of only one thing but always the consequence of multiple factors interacting together. It is our belief that human development, behavior, and health are transactional...a result of interactions between the intrinsic characteristics of the individual and the unique events and circumstances of his/her life. These factors are unique for each person and can change over time.
  • The key contributors to problems can be summarized by the letters TRANSACT:
    1. Temperament: our behavioral style that influences how we interact with our environment.
    2. Readiness: the skills that we must have in order to accomplish life tasks.
    3. Attention: our ability to pay attention and regulate our actions.
    4. Neuromaturation: the integrity and maturity of our nervous and other body systems.
    5. Stresses: the events and circumstances in our lives requiring readjustment.
    6. Attitudes: the values and beliefs we and significant others in our lives have.
    7. Comparisons: the standards we and others use in evaluating behaviors.
    8. Temperament: the behavioral style of important people in our lives.
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  • It is imperative to use a systematic approach in addressing problems. The steps in this process include:
    1. Knowing the individual and appreciating that each patient is unique.
    2. Clarifying what specific expectations are not being met and whether they are realistic.
    3. Identifying all the factors that are contributing to the failed expectation(s).
    4. Generating a plan to address each contributing factor by changing things that can be changed and compensating for those that cannot.
    5. Supporting the patient and significant others to accept his/her strengths and weaknesses and move toward independent self-mastery.
  • Addressing the needs of ADD/ADHD patients requires the expertise of a broad range of professionals who can work together and share their expertise with each other. Each team member must have excellent interpersonal skills and be good listeners. We view our patients as key members of our team.
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  • Providing high quality services requires sufficient time to interact with patients in order to establish a connectedness. We selectively use technology to facilitate high quality of care, not to replace important interpersonal relationships that are the foundation for promoting behavioral change.
  • It is important to do things in a systematic way and to continuously evaluate ourselves and make changes and/or develop new programs to better meet our patients' needs in the most cost-efficient and effective way.
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Kudos From Our Patients

Once we got a complete understanding of ADD and our children's problems, we were able to deal with it from a totally different perspective. We feel the multidisciplinary approach, including medical, psychological and educational aspects are very important in trying to give our children some hope of having a relatively normal life ahead of them.

Yours sincerely, View All
~ Frank C.