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TRANSforming U

The obesity epidemic is growing...
  • 25% of obese individuals have ADD/ADHD
  • 40% of morbidly obese individuals have ADD/ADHD
  • Simple "one size fits all" diet plans and exercises don't work for most people.
  • In fact, most approaches fail to identify the unique factors, such as ADD/ADHD, in an individual that stand in the way of adhering to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Even small, sustained changes in weight can reduce an overweight individual's risk for hypertension, type II diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and cancer.
We can help.
We use a multi-disciplinary team of experts to discover all the factors that interfere with establishing and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Then, we craft an individualized success plan. Finally, we provide ongoing support through innovative tracking, reminding, and motivational tools.
We can help you GET BALANCE in your LIFE!
Who can benefit from TRANSforming U?  Overweight and obese individuals who:
  • Have been unsuccessful in their attempts to lose weight.
  • Have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or suspect this might be a problem.
  • Struggle to control their emotionality, including those who are hypersensitive, over-reactive, and intense responders.
  • Are anxious, depressed, or have low self-esteem.

Kudos From Our Patients

When we brought our son (in eleventh grade) to you, he had failed four courses, was discouraged, overweight, listless, short-tempered, and obviously facing a dim future. At his graduation a year later, his progress, due purely to your efforts, was so remarkable that he received awards for most improved grade-wise, the Presidential Silver Fitness Award, and an award and full scholarship from Saint Vincent College.  The turnaround has been absolutely miraculous and you marvelous people at [The Being Well Center] deserve full credit.

Yours sincerely, View All
~ The Holstead Family