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Workshop and Presentation services

The Being Well Center offers workshops and in-service presentations for:
  • Teachers and school professionals
  • College and university students and faculty
  • Child care and youth workers
  • Human resources departments and employees
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Parent organizations and advocacy groups
We have conducted workshops across the country and around the world!
Our presentations can be tailored to general audiences or targeted to specific professional groups. In some communities, the public school system has sponsored one workshop for school personnel and interested professionals in the community and a separate session for parents. In other communities, a consortium of organizations and businesses has worked to sponsor a presentation.
Our current workshop offerings include:
  • Identifying and Managing the Barriers to Success @ College
  • We're Each Unique - Understanding and Managing Individual Differences
  • ADD/ADHD Basics - Understanding, Identifying, and Managing ADD/ADHD
  • Your New World - How to have a positive experience with medication treatment for ADD/ADHD
  • ADD/ADHD Across the Lifespan
  • Accommodations for Success - Creating 504 Agreements and IEPs for children with ADD/ADHD
  • Bringing Out the Best in Children with ADD/ADHD and Temperamental Extremes
  • Identifying and Managing the Barriers to Success at College
  • Get Balance - How to Establish and Maintain Healthy Daily Routines
We can also custom develop presentations to meet your needs. If it has something to do with ADD/ADHD, we can talk about it and bring it down to an understandable and practical level!

To book Dr. Liden to speak at your conference or event: call 724.443.4120 or email info[at] 

Kudos From Our Patients

You offered South-Western Pennsylvania's educators a wealth of insight for working with today's adolescents. The enclosed comments really say it all - you were 'excellent' and 'easy to listen to'.

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~ Brenda L. G.