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Dr. Liden Selected to Present at the International Conference on ADHD
November 13, 2015

Craig B. Liden, MD of The Being Well Center (BWC) has been selected as a speaker at CHADD’s 26th Annual International Conference on ADHD.  Dr. Liden will address the controversial topic of medication in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder during his presentation, “Dose Up.  Why We Need More When it Comes to ADHD Medication: A Rationale and Guideline for Off-Label Dosage of Stimulant Medications.”  The conference will be held in New Orleans from November 10-12, 2015.

As founder and medical director of The Being Well Center, Dr. Liden has treated more than 10,000 ADD/ADHD patients over the past 30 years.  “CHADD’s International Conference offers a strong platform to spread truth and acceptance about Attention Deficit Disorder,” Dr. Liden shares.  “By addressing the need for proper medication treatment, objective monitoring of dosage, and whole-person follow-up care, many individuals and families living with ADD/ADHD and related co-morbidities will have the education and tools to reach new levels of success in life.”

Dr. Craig Liden along with Teresa West, PA-C will present The Being Well Center’s approach to monitored, responsible use of stimulant medication to treat Attention Deficit Disorder in their presentation, “Dose Up! Why We Need More When it Comes to ADHD Medication: A Rationale and Guideline for Off-Label Dosage of Stimulant Medications “ scheduled for Saturday, November 14 from 3:45-5:30 pm at the 2015 CHADD Annual International Conference.

About CHADD’s Annual International Conference

The CHADD Annual International Conference is the major research, practice and public information conference dedicated to ADHD. Conference sessions will focus on providing current science-based information and the impact of this information on treatments for individuals with ADHD. The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians, educators, adults, parents, and others who are seeking more in-depth materials.  For more information:


The Being Well Center featured on Lisa Ling's Our America on Oprah Winfrey Network
June 11, 2014
The Being Well Center has been cast in a starring role in Lisa Ling's docu-series "Our America" for the Oprah Winfrey Network.  In the June 12, 2014 episode, "ADHD Explosion," Lisa Ling explores The Being Well Center's positive approach to living successfully with ADD and shares how Dr. Craig Liden approaches a successful diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.  Inspired by working on the program, Lisa decides to undergo testing--seeking Dr. Liden's answer to her lifelong suspicion that she might also have the disorder.  The episode airs on OWN, Thursday, June 12, at 10 pm ET/PT.   
Dr. Liden publishes journal article about medication treatment for ADD/ADHD
March 25, 2014
TRANShealth Inc. publishes ADD Basics 301: Rationale for Clinically Necessary Off-Label Use of Stimulant Medications in the Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  In the article, authors Dr. Craig B. Liden, MD and Terri West, PA-C discuss how many patients who could greatly benefit from proper treatment of ADD receive sub-therapeutic dosage regimens or no treatment at all.  The article outlines a systematic protocol that involves a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment to first establish a valid ADD/ADHD diagnosis, objective in-office medication trial testing, and ongoing supportive counseling in order to safely incorporate off-label dosing regimens of stimulant medications when needed to help ADD/ADHD patients function effectively in all life spheres.  Available to download at
Dr. Liden shares 10 Steps to a Successful Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD/ADHD
February 5, 2014
Think ADD/ADHD might be a problem for you or someone you know?  Take your first step toward peace of mind!  TRANShealth Inc. has published Dr. Liden's newest book, ADD Basics 101: How to be a Good Consumer of Diagnostic and Treatment Services for ADD/ADHD.  Author Dr. Craig Liden pours his 30 years experience treating ADD/ADHD across the lifespan into this guide for families and individuals to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective, lifelong treatment for ADD/ADHD.  Available as a free resource in ebook format at
Dr. Liden authors guide to creating the perfect 504 plan/IEP
November 1, 2013
Dr. Craig Liden shares his expertise in overcoming the school challenges faced by students with ADD/ADHD in a groundbreaking guide, Accommodations for Success (guidebook and workbook), available at and  Accommodations for Success adapts clinical worsheets, questionnaires, procedures, and insights to empower parents and teachers to conduct an at-home analysis of their child and tailor 504 Agreements or IEP's accordingly.
Dr. Liden Addresses Barriers to Play at PAEYC Conference
September 17, 2012
Dr. Liden will address parents, preschool teachers, caregivers, and child care workers at the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) on how ADD/ADHD and other temperamental extremes can pose barriers to successful play.  Dr. Liden will share strategies for analyzing and responding to individual differences during his sessions.
Being Well Center Earns 98% Satisfaction Rating from Patients!
April 4, 2012
After conducting an extensive patient survey, The Being Well Center found that 98% of patients are "very satisfied" with the BWC overall.  In addition, 94% of respondents were "very satisfied" with medication trial testing conducted at the BWC, and 95% were "very satisfied" with the follow-up care provided through case coordinators.  Nearly half of The Being Well Center's patients have been with the center for over five years!  Now that's a vote of confidence in making life with ADD/ADHD easier across the lifespan!
BWC College Graduate Success Rates Trump National Average
April 2, 2012
The Being Well Center Expands ADD/ADHD Evaluation and Treatment Services to Clients Worldwide
March 15, 2012
Dr. Liden Addresses Guidance Counselors at the Allegheny County Intermediate Unit
February 28, 2012
 Dr. Craig Liden conducted a two-part workshop with Pittsburgh-area guidance counselors in which participants were introduced to The Being Well Center's WIT-C tool, a screening tool and process that allows parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators to know a child better and to pinpoint areas of unmet expectations in order to create meaningful accommodations.
Dr. Liden Featured Guest on ADD Medication Teleseminar
November 21, 2011
 Dr. Craig Liden of The Being Well Center joins host Tara McGillicuddy for a Live Teleseminar discussing success-driven steps to proper medication and treatment of ADD/ADHD.
Dr. Liden Appears on ADHD Talk Support Radio
November 14, 2011
Dr. Liden Featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
October 24, 2011

Kudos From Our Patients

Our sincere thanks to you on behalf of the PTA for your extremely informative, dynamic talk. We all left with a better understanding of what makes us all who we are and some guidelines in helping our children.

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~ Nancy R.