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Confidence@College Program

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Struggling students and frustrated parents come to Confidence@College and find more than academic success; they encounter peace of mind.  C@C carefully ensures college success by examining the whole person, not just the failing grade or missed expectation.  With a unique and exclusive service, C@C matches students with a BWC Guide, an expert in counseling, medication, education or social performance, who listens carefully to the student's whole story in a non-judgemental way.  Our BWC Guides work with students in-person and continue the relationship on campus, bridging the distance with our long-distance services.  We think the secret to the BWC Guides' success is simple: We know our patients.  We grow with our patients.  We care about our patients.
We call our approach The Whole You.  Because you are more than a failing grade.  Because you have hopes and dreams.  Because you have a unique temperament.  Because we know you can achieve independent success.  When treating ADD/ADHD, we believe it's vital to stress that learning and behavioral problems are never a result of only one thing. They are always the result of multiple factors interacting together. Some of the factors are intrinsic to the individual (e.g. temperament, attentional abilities, health status, etc.) and some are environmental (e.g. classroom or workplace distractions, home stress events, attitudes from family members or co-workers, etc.)  Understanding the whole landscape of an individual is critical to building a plan for independent success.
If you're wondering why college success is a struggle, we offer a set of free screeners to help you poinpoint barriers in your life.
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If you're looking to answers for problems in a specific area of The Whole You, consider these resources that take a closer look at our Whole You approach:
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Kudos From Our Patients

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your team and observing the evaluation process. It is exciting to find a program that addresses multiple needs of children and families with learning disabilities.

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~ Caroline L.