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Add Diagnostic Services

Wondering if it’s ADD/ADHD? Want a diagnosis you trust before seeking treatment? The Being Well Center offers a targeted medical consultation service, The A.D.D.: Accurate Diagnosis Determination, to patients and professionals seeking an accurate, reliable diagnosis. 
Optimal management of ADD/ADHD begins with an accurate diagnosis.  Some people feel ADD/ADHD is being over-diagnosed.  Others suggest it's significantly under-diagnosed.  The truth is, some individuals are given a diagnosis after completing a simple questionnaire, while many clinicians are unaware of how common and pervasive a problem ADD is.  What is needed is a cost-effective, reliable way to make an accurate diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.  That's what we offer at The Being Well Center: The A.D.D. Accurate Diagnosis Determination.
Description of Services
The BWC’s Accurate Diagnosis Determination is a 90-minute, systematic evaluation designed to provide an accurate diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. It goes beyond simple ADD checklists and uses questionnaires and innovative assessment methods to reliably establish the ADD/ADHD diagnosis. Before an in-office evaluation, participants and significant others (e.g., parents, spouses, partners, teachers, supervisors, etc.), complete questionnaires that probe the individual’s attentional abilities and executive functions and survey other skills, abilities, and traits, medical and family history, and daily activity performance.  A thorough medical examination is also conducted.

The Evaluation
The evaluation itself consists of an interview to review and clarify responses on the questionnaires, administration of the MFAT (a structured observation of attention and executive functions) and the NAB (Neuromaturation Assessment Battery), and a wrap-up meeting with one of our medical directors to discuss the assessment results and, if warranted, recommend next steps.

  The Follow-Up
Participants receive a written summary report that can be shared with their physician, school, or employer.  When appropriate, we work with the patient's current provider to integrate the results of our consultation service into their treatment plan.  Upon request, we can provide ongoing treatments at The Being Well Center following the consultation appointment.

The Accurate Diagnosis Determination gives particpants the flexibility to choose one of two paths following the evaluation: taking a trustworthy diagnosis back to a personal physician, psychologist, or clinician for treatment, or remaining with The Being Well Center for further evaluation and treatment.

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Download a one-page brochure of our Accurate Diagnosis Determination service.

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I worried about walking into my doctor's office and coming out with a prescription for drugs a few minutes later.  This was a whole different experience than that!

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