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Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Since ADD/ADHD is a chronic medical disorder that affects all areas of an individual's life, it requires long-term follow-up treatment that addresses all aspects of the problem. This entails using specific treatments that are designed to improve an individual's behavioral, social, academic/workplace, health and independent functioning. To be successful, treatment must involve the individual and significant others in his/her life such as parents, spouse, siblings and teachers.
The specific components of a treatment plan for ADD/ADHD vary among individuals dependent upon the exact nature and manifestations of the problem as defined by a thorough evaluation of the whole person at the outset. Most often, a three-pronged, multimodal approach to treating ADD/ADHD is recommended:
Counseling the individual.
This involves helping the individual to become more aware of his/her problem, to learn strategies for controlling and compensating for inattention, and to develop techniques for improved life problem solving.
Work with significant others.
This involves helping parents, spouses, teachers, co-workers and others to understand and accept the problem, to set realistic expectations, and to effectively manage difficult behavior.
Using medical therapy.
This involves using medication as an aide to improve attention and to make the individual more available for other treatments.
These three basic elements of treatment should be supplemented with other medical, educational, language and psychological therapies when indicated. All individuals with ADD/ADHD should participate in regular follow-up with a knowledgeable professional who can coordinate all aspects of their care, monitor progress, and assist the individual and his/her family in accepting the chronic nature of ADD/ADHD. It is critical that follow-up be conducted by a professional who is familiar with the various manifestations of ADD/ADHD and experienced in its comprehensive treatment.

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