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Medication Treatments

One of our strengths at the BWC is our disciplined and responsible approach to the use of medication treatment for ADD/ADHD. For many, medication usage is a source of fear and even a barrier to getting a proper evaluation for ADD/ADHD.
Our systematic and disciplined protocols for medication use help us avoid the risks of over-medicating or under-medicating our patients and help minimize side effects.
Being Well Center | Medication Trial Testing
The key features of our medication protocol include:
  • Only use medication when the patient is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD after a thorough evaluation.
  • Only use medication when the patient is experiencing significant dysfunction in some life arena.
  • The goal of medication treatment should be to provide patients with efficient attention throughout the waking day.
  • Systematic procedures and decision rules are used to select the right medication and dosage regimens.
  • Structured in office trial testing on the medication is completed before using it on a daily basis.
  • Clinical trials taking the medications in the real world are monitored by our professional staff using systematic protocols.
  • Patients taking medication are required to participate in regular counseling sessions. Medication is never the sole treatment.
  • Patients and their families participate in quarterly review visits to monitor the effectiveness of the medication and any side effects for as long as they continue on the medicine.
When medication is indicated after a thorough evaluation, we come up with successful medication regimes for more than 90% of our patients. With our extensive experience, we are adept at minimizing or lowering side effects. Proper medication treatment helps our patients take advantage of counseling, tutoring, and other interventions so they can experience greater success in their lives!


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Kudos From Our Patients

Fortunately, we were blessed with the suggestion from our school guidance counselor to meet Dr. Liden at [The Being Well Center] in Pittsburgh, where we went through what is the most thorough program we have ever experienced... Now we know we are on the right course of properly addressing our child's life-long disorder.

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~ The Canfield Family