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Long Distance Services

We hear it all the time at conferences, speaking engagements, and workshops: "Your program sounds amazing. Do you know of anything like it near me?" Until recently, we've had to answer honestly: "No."
Now, thanks to emergent technologies, we are "meeting with" and treating patients around the world.
After an initial face-to-face consultation that includes comprehensive patient questionnaires, interviews, a physical assessment, and neurodevelopmental surveys, we then craft a tailored plan to provide customized, long-distance support to our patients.
Through video conferencing, text messaging reminders, and other creative technologies, we are able to give our long-distance patients the same personalized, comprehensive support as our local clients.
We can help you...wherever you are.
For details on how to engage The Being Well Center's Long Distance Services, Dr. Liden shares a series of videos about the BWC's approach for long distance patients:

Learn more!  Download our  Long Distance Services Information PDF and the Turning your Visit into a Vacation - Attractions and Accommodations PDF
Contact us  and connect with Sharon, our Intake Coordinator, to learn more about our Long Distance Services.

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I don't think we would still be together as a family without all the help we have received from you and the others from [The Being Well Center].

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