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Is this your story?
Threats haven’t cut it.  Nagging hasn’t worked.  Reminders have gone ignored.  The academic probation letter has arrived in the mail.  Your worst fears have been realized.  Your child’s chances of success in life along with a substantial financial investment are going down the drain.  Now what?

You’re not alone!

Statistics show that 1 out of 6 entering freshman will be placed on probation or dismissed from school and less than 20% of these will ultimately get a degree.  More than 40% of entering freshmen have an attention, learning, language or mental health problem including depression, anxiety, mood disorder, personality disorder, or substance-use disorder that will serve as a barrier to success.  Fewer than 25% of these students will ever graduate.

C@C can help!

The question is, how to avoid becoming a statistic and instead move toward a successful graduation?  The Being Well Center’s Confidence@College program can help!  Compared to the national average of 55% graduation rates, 81% of students enrolled in the BWC’s Confidence@College are on track to graduate.  Dr. Craig B. Liden, MD and his multi-disciplinary team conduct a comprehensive, structured assessment of your child, develop and implement an individualized success plan, and provide personalized, ongoing support once the student arrives on campus.  We allow parents and students to relax and realize great returns on their college investment. 

Through the Confidence@College program, each student is assigned a BWC Guide, a counselor whose expertise in coaching ADD/ADHD students through academic and life challenges will complement the student’s efforts all the way from the freshman dorm to the graduation podium.  C@C utilizes the latest advancements in technology to discretely but effectively support each student even long distance on campus.  Confidence@College guides students to become their own best advocate in meeting the new demands of independent college life!  An investment today in C@C is an investment that ensures success for future education, career, and life goals.

Learn how Confidence@College can boost your struggling student to college success:

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Dr. Liden travels worldwide to present lectures and workshops on ADD and ADHD, including Identifying and Managing the Barriers to Success @ College.  

Know More

If you are a parent or student planning to go to college in the fall or are having difficulty succeeding at college, download one of our college screeners and identify your barriers to success.  Once you find out what the barriers are, we can help you overcome them. 

Kudos From Our Patients

You and your team were so helpful in determining what the problems were. Our daughter is exceeding all of expectations!!! She is on Dean's list at college and is applying to graduate schools!!! As a mother, thank you for helping my daughter be all she can be.

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~ Noreen Y.