Thank you for your wisdom in dealing with my family. You have turned me in a different direction--a good direction. My husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary and many more, because of you. How can I thank you enough?

Catherine c.

I was pleased to get ADD information that was not based on hyperactive behavior but rather what goes on with the cognitive process. Excellent information. Great use of humor in dealing with this powerful and sensitive subject. Dr. Liden puts you at ease right away.

Noreen Y.

You and your team were so helpful in determining what the problems were. Our daughter is exceeding all of expectations!!! She is on Dean's list at college and is applying to graduate schools!!! As a mother, thank you for helping my daughter be all she can be.

eric & Trish M.

We just wanted to thank you for working with us on our daughter's evaluation and treatment. Your kindness and flexibility made the whole process very easy on our family.

Rick, Nancy, Michael & Erin

I don't think we would still be together as a family without all the help we have received from you and the others from [The Being Well Center].

The Kinney Family

Your program have given us hope and the realization that even though our son is an ADD child, through counseling he will be able to mature into a responsible adult. Without this program, our family and our son would not have survived.

The holstead Family

When we brought our son (in eleventh grade) to you, he had failed four courses, was discouraged, overweight, listless, short-tempered, and obviously facing a dim future. At his graduation a year later, his progress, due purely to your efforts, was so remarkable that he received awards for most improved grade-wise, the Presidential Silver Fitness Award, and an award and full scholarship from Saint Vincent College. The turnaround has been absolutely miraculous and you marvelous people at [The Being Well Center] deserve full credit.

frank c.

Once we got a complete understanding of ADD and our children's problems, we were able to deal with it from a totally different perspective. We feel the multidisciplinary approach, including medical, psychological and educational aspects are very important in trying to give our children some hope of having a relatively normal life ahead of them.


After all these years of continued frustrations, it is so good to finally know that there is a reason for all of the madness. It is also quite reassuring to personally know I am not crazy or insane, and that in itself makes it worthwhile.

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