A.T.E. Syndrome 101

10 steps you can take right now to understand and treat Attentional Weaknesses, Temperamental Dysregulations, and Executive Dysfunctions. Become a good consumer of information and a capable self-advocate! Helpful checklists help you remember what to do, say, and look for as you search for the right help.

Complex ADHD

The medical community has fallen short in advocating for high quality care for Complex-ADHD. Dr. Liden's expertise catalyzes change for professionals, insurers, governmental agencies, and individuals touched by ADHD. Clinical Practice Guidelines for Complex-ADHD offers honest hope for those struggling with Complex-ADHD.

Accommodations for Success

Accommodations for Success is an amazing tool to help you bring out your child’s best in developing a 504 or IEP plan tailored to your child’s unique needs.  The Guidebook and Workbook help you become a powerful advocate for your child throughout his school career. Gain confidence that your child is on the path to success! 

Recommended Resources

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Dr. Liden is interviewed by WWL-TV4 in New Orleans, sharing his insider tips on getting the diagnosis and treatment right for Attention Deficit Disorder.

What is ADD? An Interview with Dr. Craig B. Liden of The Being Well Center

What is ADD? What is the difference between ADD and ADHD? Craig B. Liden, MD, Medical Director of The Being Well Center, discusses the sometimes surprising manifestations of Attention Deficit Disorder. 

ADD: A is for Achievement at The Being Well Center

Dr. Liden of The Being Well Center discusses the importance of generating self esteem by pushing individuals with ADD to set realistic, reachable life goals.

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